WHITELIST for PRESALE explained!

2 min readOct 5, 2021


NFTxCards is an unmatched blockchain-based platform where actresses and models create adult art. It allows its users to buy, sell and trade limited editions of digital cards with adult star film performers. All content on NFTxCards is completely original and exclusive. The uniqueness of the product is guaranteed by non-fungible token, the main concept of which is to ensure that the assets you purchase are certainly one of a kind.

Yes, presale is coming. Presale is a chance to buy our tokens at the best price.

The most active users will have this chance. So how it works?

  1. Fulfill the tasks from the list https://gleam.io/X4ECm/nftxcards-presale-whitelist, earn XPOINTS.
  2. The more tasks you fulfill, the higher XRANK you have.
  3. Presale link will be sent to top ranked users. The lower the rank, the later user will receive the link (lower chance of participation in presale).

How to get on the WHITELIST easier?

  • You can buy any of our packs at OpenSea and Rarible. Then write us a message. And you will be the first who receive presale link. If you buy our most expensive pack, you will be also added to XCLUB.
  • Be active in our community, fulfill XMISSION tasks. Even if your XRANK will be low, we will encourage the most active users to the WHITELIST.