When an adult meets NFT

2 min readOct 14, 2021


The world of porn isn’t limited to videos, games, and nude images. There are also streaming services, OnlyFans, and other fan sites, the craze for which in the last couple of years has become a real frenzy (especially in the US and EU countries). People are willing to pay for ASMR because it is also an interaction with the model, in this case, the voice.

The more interactivity, the more attractive erotica and porn become. With interactivity, new formats emerge where cryptocurrencies, NFT, interaction with the model, and access to unique content become one.

Cryptocurrencies and adult have common points of attraction. And it’s not just anonymous payments, which escort clients are already used, but also visitors and visitors to various porn and fan sites. Just imagine a porn collection that grows in value over time. Or the possibility of a real meeting with a beloved actress from a porn movie. These and many other opportunities are offered by the nftxcards.com project.

Now it’s time for cryptocurrencies. That means it’s time to get rid of the producers, agencies, platforms, and other middlemen in the world of porn and erotica. Thanks to blockchain technology, the model and the viewer are in direct contact, without paying high commissions.

How does it all work?

Nftxcards.com offers to collect NFT cards, giving access to unique content. The cooperation of the project with the world’s best porn models guarantees that the buyers of the cards will receive the photo and video materials specially created for them. Sets (packs) of NFT cards become an investment value, and their first buyers can earn good money on future resales.

Buying a set is also a lottery with incredibly attractive prizes. Among them are both unique content and cash prizes, as well as real meetings with beloved models. The model will also be able to record a special video for you — with your wishes in mind.

NFT card set with porn models is:

  • An investment;
  • A digital ticket to the nftxcards.com project community;
  • Winnings of unique, expensive content;
  • Cash prize winnings;
  • Winnings in private chats and real meetings with models;
  • Access to the marketplace where NFT cards are transacted;
  • Obtaining passive income from the project’s token staking.

Plans for the development of the nftxcards project

The nftxcards project has far-reaching development plans. Even now it is free for models who do not have to pay high commissions to intermediaries.

A functioning marketplace. Opportunity to earn on your collection of porn and the ability to receive passive income as part of the profits of the project. Currently, the number of available models is in the dozens.

Next year, 2022, there will be hundreds — and contracts with models have already been signed. Among the prizes will be not only videos and photos but also private chats in Telegram — as well as real dates with models!

And in 2023, the project will throw all its efforts into creating an adult space in VR — which will become a real metaverse. Now the nftxcards story is just beginning. Be among the first to pick up the best.