Packs of NFTxCards explained

2 min readJun 29, 2021


NFTxCards is an unmatched blockchain-based platform where adult actresses and models create 3D art. It allows its users to buy, sell and trade limited editions of digital cards with adult star film performers. All content on NFTxCards is completely original and exclusive. The uniqueness of the product is guaranteed by non-fungible token, the main concept of which is to ensure that the assets you purchase are certainly one of a kind.

NFTxCards platform works like this: a user buys packs of unique cards. In each pack there is either a whole 3D model of an actress, or a certain part of her, such as a tattoo, foot, breast etc. The user can choose to collect a specific model parts in order to get the whole figure, or he can mix and match available parts and create something special for himself. As soon as the user collects the whole box, e.g. all parts of a model, he gets to unlock the unlockable content inside.

But what exactly are NFTxCards’ packs?

Packs are basically boxes consisting of random content that you can purchase online via blockchain system. The content inside the box ranges in type, quantity and price.

For example, you purchase a pack of NFTxCards, and one of the cards turns out to be of a very rare kind, Legendary-level worthy. You can either choose to collect it for yourself or you can put it on the marketplace. So simply put, for a notional amount of 14$ you get to sell a card worth 14.000$.

The most fun part about this whole concept is that buying packs of NFTxCards is like playing a little casino. There is a certain probability percentage of what you are likely to get depending on the level (or a tier) of a pack you’re about to purchase. On the whole there are three levels: common, epic and legendary. The difference is mainly in size and content. But the main point remains — the higher level you buy, the better the probability of getting the whole model at once grows. So there is always a certain sense of adventure.

By the way, the first NFTxCards Fetish collection is out now. The main stars of this edition are Yvonne Bar, Nadine Kerastas, Liya Silver, Joanna Angel and Vanessa Louis. The number of cards is extremely limited. It is your chance to get the most exclusive and rare cards for your collection!

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