NFTxCards — a spicy digital collection

2 min readJun 29, 2021


A one of a kind platform that makes collecting experience exciting and responds to its users deepest desires. It is like getting your own private 3D version of your fave that no one else in the world has.

NFTxCards is a blockchain-based platform where adult performers create digital art. It allows its users to purchase, sell and trade limited editions of digital cards with adult star film actresses and models. All content on NFTxCards is completely original and exclusive.

What is NFT

First off, to understand how things work, we should mention what NFTs are and how the platform functions.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a crypto asset, whose main feature is uniqueness. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable in terms of their specification, but can be traded with one another, as their value remains constant. So basically it is the main NFTxCards function and advantage. NFT guarantees that the asset you purchase is definitely one of a kind.

How the NFTxCards platform works

On NFTxCards you can purchase packs of unique cards. In each pack you can find either the whole model or parts of her, like a tattoo, or a foot, or a breast, or something else. You can put together a certain model of your liking, or you can mix and match the parts and create something altogether special. Once you collect all of the model’s parts, you gain access to exclusive unlockable content, yet only after you’ve gotten the box with the model.

NFTxCards box

For example, you go to the website and pay 15$ for a common level pack. There you may get a box with the whole actress or a certain part of her. There are three offered levels: common, epic and legendary. The difference is in size and content. The higher level you buy, the better the probability of getting the whole model at once grows.

When the NFTxCards platform is launching

The platform is currently in development and will be launched in its full functionality by the end of August.

However, it is already possible to have a small taste. The first NFTxCards collection is called Fetish and it is out now. As it is quite clear from the name, it covers the most private guilty pleasures such as smoking, feet, latex etc. The main stars of this edition are Yvonne Bar, Nadine Kerastas, Liya Silver, Joanna Angel and Vanessa Louis. The number of cards is extremely limited. Don’t miss your chance!

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