Exclusive: What content will we pay for in 2030 and how will we monetize it?

3 min readNov 18, 2021


There is such a word as Metaverse on everyone’s lips right now. It is used in such games as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing. Metaverse has something to do with AR and VR technology. Even major corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Epic Games are about to create their own Metaverses. So what are Metaverse and which ones will be popular in 2030?

Metaverses first emerged in sci-fi works of the 1990s. The word meant a combination of physical, virtual and augmented reality. Nowadays, the philosophy of Metaverse is described by venture capitalist Matthew Ball. According to him, the main difference from a computer game is that the Metaverse exists indefinitely — it is a space that does not end, does not reset its state, and does not pause. It has no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. It is filled with content through the efforts of both developers and users.

There is a self-sustaining and digital asset-based economic system. And digital assets obtained within Metaverse have value beyond Metaverse as well. For example, a game racing car or a spaceship can be presented to a friend by sending a digital asset via messenger or a social network. Nowadays, there are already possibilities for such transactions with digital assets. NFT provide them.

Erotic Metaverse with its NFT tokens

A good decision would be to invest in Metaverse early on. For example, NFTxCards, a project that issues NFTfor collectors of erotic images and videos. Each NFTis not just a digital asset, but also a ticket to a club whose members can resell content and take part in raffles for a variety of prizes.

Each NFT-card contains a unique content, which can be a unique video from a model or an invitation to a private chat. The NFTxCards project negotiates with the models directly — without the participation of agencies and other intermediaries. Dozens of models have already been contracted, and next year there will be hundreds of such models.

According to the roadmap, the NFTxCards project will evolve and change every year. Today its final stage is the world’s first erotic Metaverse. And also consider that each NFT becomes a digital promotion, allowing you to receive a portion of the NFTxCards proceeds.

What wallets will be like in 2030

In just the past decade, mankind has completely re-evaluated the very concept of the wallet. No longer an addition to the physical medium, the electronic wallet has become a repository for shares of various cryptocurrency companies, a way to receive dividends and other passive income from farming and stealing, and a key to art, music, and other collections. Much of the assets of the future will have to do with Metaverses. And the world’s first erotic Metaverse will be NFTxCards.

Just imagine how much the assets in the form of the erotic NFT project NFTxCards will be worth in the next decade. So you’re not investing in a one-day project, you’re investing in the industry of the future. At the same time, a noticeable increase in the value of the collection will occur in the next year and a half or two years. The NFTxCards roadmap already has everything you need for that.